Ceramic Capacitors FAQQThere are white and gray base paper tapes, what is the difference?

Murata uses both a virgin carrier tape and a carrier tape mixed with recycled paper for the base paper tape. The white base paper is the virgin carrier tape, and the gray base paper is the carrier tape mixed with recycled paper.
Although the colors of both tapes are slightly different, there is no difference in the specification or quality of the tapes.
From the viewpoint of reducing impact on the natural environment, we will continue to expand the use of base paper mixed with recycled paper.
What is recycled paper?
The recycled paper is manufactured from refined pulp after the collected used paper (used commercial paper, etc.) is treated in the processes of defibering, dust removal, ink removal and bleaching of the recycled paper at the paper manufacturer.
What is carrier tape mixed with recycled paper?
This tape consists of virgin pulp used for the outer layer, and recycled paper is used for the second layer and below in the manufacturing of the base paper, before going through the processes to make the paper carrier tape.

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