Silicon Capacitors FAQ Q What is the recommended stencil design for solder mounting of surface mounting type?


The recommended stencil design when using Type 6 solder paste is shown as below.
Please refer to the assembly note for details.

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Silicon Capacitor Case Size Stencil opening size
(in µm)
Stencil thickness
(in µm)
Stencil grade
(roughness and opening profile)
0201M 200×130 50 high
0201 320×150 100 medium high
0402M 260×240 100 medium high
0402 369×260 125 regular
0204M 750×90 75 medium high
0603 768×300 125 regular
0404M 250×750 125 regular
0805 400×960 125 regular
1206 500×1229 125 regular
1812 650×3012 125 regular

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