Inductors FAQQWhat is the storage method?

Refer to the following for the storage method of chip inductors.
(1) Store the inductors in a room where the temperature is between -10 to +40 ºC, relative humidity of 15 to 85 %, and there is no sudden change in the temperature and humidity.
If inductors are stored where there are chemicals in the atmosphere, such as sulfur and chlorine gas, the electrodes will oxidize and defective soldering may occur, or cause corrosion and etc. of the wire winding portion of the chip inductors.
(2) Do not store inductors in a bulk state.  If chip inductors are stored in bulk, the chip inductors themselves, or chip inductors and other products may make contact, which may result in the chipping of the cores or wire breakage.
(3) In order to prevent effects from moisture and particles, do not store products directly on a floor, store the products on pallets.
(4) Do not store products in locations where there is direct sunlight, or heat and vibrations are applied.

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