Inductors FAQQWhat is the residual inductance value on the short chip?


The residual inductance value is the inductance value of the short chip for calibration.

There are two methods for defining the residual inductance value. The first is the method that assumes the residual inductance value is 0nH. The measurement result under this definition is that the relative value of the short chip for calibration and measurement chip becomes the measurement value.

The second is the method that defines the value on the short chip. By this definition, the measurement result can be regarded as the absolute value of the measurement chip. Murata continues to develop products based on this approach.

Because this residual inductance value approach varies depending on the manufacturer and product series, it is recommended to check our product catalog and specifications when performing measurements.

In addition, this residual inductance value must be correctly entered into the measuring instrument when performing measurements; otherwise, the desired inductance value may not be obtained.

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