LoRa FAQQWhy should I choose LoRa? Is LoRa(WAN) better than other technologies?


It is clear that LoRa is de facto dominant in a few (mainly European for now) markets in the public IoT network space. LoRaWAN has the benefit of being an alliance with an Open approach instead of a proprietary one. There are also technological differences between the various solutions. 

However, the main question is and remains: What goals do you want to achieve with your IoT project?

No technology is perfect. The openness of LoRa is a benefit compared with the proprietary approach of Sigfox but, along with its reliance on unlicense spectrum this openness is also a problem.

There is never a one-size-fits-all solution. It is rarely about 'this' versus 'that' technology. In most cases it is about 'which mix of technologies will make me reach my IoT projects goals?'. 

*Extracted from: https://www.i-scoop.eu/internet-of-things-guide/iot-network-lora-lorawan/

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