PTC Thermistors (POSISTOR) FAQQ[PRG Series] How to select "POSISTOR" for Over Current Protection?


Item to be checked

Selection criteria

How much (in volts) is the power supply voltage of the circuit in which "POSISTOR" is used?
(Preventing "POSISTOR" from being damaged)
Power supply voltage ≦ Maximum voltage of "POSISTOR"
When the circuit is operating normally, how much (in amperes) is the current that flow through "POSISTOR"?
(Preventing "POSISTOR" from malfunctioning)

Normal current ≦ Non-operating current of "POSISTOR"

When something abnormal such as a short circuit has occurred, how much (in amperes) is the current that flows through "POSISTOR".
(Ensuring reliable protection)

Abnormal current ≧ Operating current of "POSISTOR"

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