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How Murata is changing the power density paradigm – Part 1

On-Demand Webinar

How Murata is changing the power density paradigm – Part 1

Maximizing DCDC Point-of-Load efficiency with Murata’s innovative 2-stage charge pump architecture
“Go Big! going small.”

Register to learn how Murata Semiconductor power semi products’ higher efficiency, low profile, and minimal filtering requirements can free up PCB space in the customer’s application.


Power system architects face the increasingly daunting challenge of designing ultra-high-power density, board mounted power solutions to support increasing power consumption from system processors, FPGAs and memory ICs to meet exploding user data requirements. Innovations in high efficiency, power management architectures and point-of-load (PoL) designs are now helping to deal with this challenge.

This webinar provides an overview of Murata's revolutionary new charge pump technology and how it changes the paradigm on conversion efficiency and solution size. Attendees will learn about the technology behind the Murata Semiconductor high efficiency architecture but also briefly previews the product roadmap.


Tatsuya Kubo
Product line manager, Murata Power

Greg Szczeszynski
Director, Architecture and IC Development, pSemi

Stephen Allen
Snr. Director, Murata Power Division

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