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RFID in Healthcare: safeguarding your assets

On-Demand webinar :
RFID in Healthcare: safeguarding your assets

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) & Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies are quickly being adapted within the healthcare market.
Advancements in tag development now encompass a vast array of applications capable of adapting this technology.

  • Receive an overview of RFID technology
  • Understand how RFID/NFC is being used in the healthcare industry
  • Gain insight into key applications/use cases
  • Learn about features/benefits of RFID technology in healthcare

In this webinar, we'll expand attendees' knowledge about how companies are adapting RFID/NFC to improve manufacturer's experience, maximize savings and reduce overall risk.

Presenter :
Gerry Hubers
Business Development Manager, Murata Electronics

Gerry is responsible for the education, marketing and application development of Murata's RFID/NFC products. Gerry began his career with Murata in 1990, where he has held positions in product engineering, product management and marketing for some of Murata's latest emerging technologies.

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