CSR Procurement

A focus on the environment, human rights, and other CSR issues in collaboration with suppliers

Murata aims to build mutual trust with our suppliers and achieve mutual prosperity by promoting socially responsible procurement. This effort aligns well with this section of the Murata philosophy: "We contribute to the advancement of society … together with all our stakeholders, thankful for the increase in prosperity."
Companies today are getting called upon to take socially responsible action from stakeholders in various spheres. Murata is no exception. We conduct a variety of CSR-related activities, and through our supply chain urge suppliers to do the same, with the ultimate goal of achieving sustainability in society. In addition to established green procurement efforts to protect the environment, recently we have implemented socially responsible procurement that extends to ensuring that our suppliers protect human rights (preventing discrimination, etc.) and establish occupational health and safety measures. We are also getting called upon to ensure that our suppliers themselves proactively pursue responsible procurement.
We confirm how our suppliers are carrying out responsible procurement by having them fill out a risk assessment questionnaire based on the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition® (EICC®) Code of Conduct. In the future, we are planning to take the results of the questionnaire, perform an audit to confirm the details with each supplier, and if any problem is found, to work with the supplier to improve the situation. In addition, Murata has positioned the issue of conflict minerals/conflict-free sourcing, which has come under great scrutiny recently, as part of our CSR initiatives, which we plan to address in collaboration with our suppliers.
We will steadily and earnestly implement these initiatives for society's benefit, and by so doing deliver Murata products to customers together with greater safety and peace of mind.