Special Feature: Future of Car Electronics

New Age Automobiles, Dreams about Car Life of the Future

Familiar Vehicles Getting Smarter

The archetypal automobile was created during the late 19th century. Since then, automobiles have been serving as a mode of transportation and a source of entertainment.

Three basic functions of automobiles are driving, turning and stopping.
With the introduction of electronics, and a newly gained ability to detect information and communicate through networking, cars are now transforming into a system capable of collecting and communicating information from every part of the vehicle.

Receiving information about the car around you, combined with transmitting your own position and control information to others can help prevent accidents.
Cars are starting to contribute significantly to our society by evolving into intelligent vehicles.

But, this is only the beginning.
Intelligent vehicles will offer safety, comfort, ease of operation, and environmental considerations.
This is the start of a new era for automobiles.