• Please be sure that you carefully discuss your planned purchase with our sales division if you intend to use the products in this site under conditions where particularly extreme standards of reliability are required, or if you intend to use products for applications other than those listed in this site.

    • Power drive products for automobile, ship or aircraft transport systems; steering and navigation systems, emergency signal communications systems, and any system other than those mentioned above which include electronic sensors, measuring, or display devices, and which could cause major damage to life, limb or property if misused or failure to function.
    • Medical devices for measuring blood pressure, pulse, etc., treatment units such as coronary pacemakers and heat treatment units, and devices such as artificial organs and artificial limb systems which augment physiological functions.
    • Electrical instruments, equipment or systems used in disaster or crime prevention.

  • Note that the contents are subject to change or discontinuation without notice. When placing orders, please confirm specifications and delivery conditions in writing.

  • Examples of characteristics given here are typical for each product and being the technical data only, these do not constitute a guarantee of characteristics or conditions of use. The circuits shown in this site are intended to explain typical applications of the products concerned. Accordingly, TOKO is not responsible for any circuit problems, nor for any infringment of third party patents or any other intellectual property rights that may arise from the use of these circuits. Morever, this site does not signify that TOKO agrees implicitly or explicitly to license any patent rights or other intellectual property rights which it holds.

  • None of ozone depleting substances(ODS) under the Montreal Protocol is used in manufacturing process of us.