English-language versions of Femtet® released



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:
Tsuneo Murata


Murata Software Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the release of English-language versions of its Femtet® analysis simulation software.


Femtet® is the name of an analysis simulation software that was originally developed by Murata Manufacturing for use in design applications about 30 years ago. Over the years it has made a significant contribution toward reducing the amount of reworking involved in design and development by engineers, cutting development costs and shortening development timeframes. Now, in response to the needs and wants of its customers, Murata is releasing English-language versions of the Femtet® software.

What is Femtet®?


This software offers the twin benefits of sophisticated functions and straightforward operability, and since Murata is now making available versions of the software at affordable prices, the costs incurred by analysis simulation itself can be reduced. In order to enable engineers and researchers who will be using the analysis simulation software for the first time to start using it immediately, an easy-to-understand help tutorial and sample exercises will be provided as a standard option. All in all, this is a revolutionary analysis simulation software that can be used by engineers and researchers working in many different fields.


(1) Wide range of functions: The software comes with solvers for seven physical domains (electromagnetic wave analysis, magnetic field analysis, electrical field analysis, mechanical stress analysis, thermal conductivity analysis, piezoelectric analysis and acoustic wave analysis) as well as analysis functions for processing multiphysics that combine some of these physical domains, while also providing modeling and result display functions in a single package.

(2) Simplicity and convenience: The easy-to-operate software is ready for immediate use as soon as it has been installed. An easy-to-understand help tutorial and sample exercises are available as a standard option.

Overview of English-language versions of Femtet®

  • The English-language versions are based on the Femtet® 2014 Japanese-language versions.
  • Each English-language version of Femtet® is supplied with a license key to activate the software.

Retail prices charged in Japan

1-year license key
Femtet®Basic                    ¥500,000 per software copy (excluding tax)
Femtet®Accelerator (optional) ¥250,000 per software copy (excluding tax)
Femtet®Advanced Mechanical (optional) ¥250,000 per software copy (excluding tax)
CAD Data Translator (optional) ¥250,000 per software copy (excluding tax)

Retail prices charged overseas (United States only)

1-year license key
Femtet® Basic                   $4,999 per software copy (excluding tax)
Femtet® Accelerator (optional) $2,499 per software copy (excluding tax)
Femtet® Advanced Mechanical (optional) $2,499 per software copy (excluding tax)
CAD Data Translator (optional) $2,499 per software copy (excluding tax)

For further details concerning Femtet®, please visit the Murata software website.

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