Avoiding Counterfeit Products


The purpose of this document is to inform you of Murata Manufacturing’s position with regards to the counterfeiting of Murata products and their illegal distribution.

We have found on occasion that Murata products have been manufactured illegally with the Murata logo, have been distributed, and are circulating around the world, particularly in the East Asia region. The following are some recent examples.
  • Unauthorized distributors were selling counterfeits by forging a Murata letter of authorization, falsely stating they were our authorized distributors.
  • Unauthorized distributors were selling counterfeits online by illegally representing themselves as our authorized distributors.
  • Our customers had quality problems in their manufacturing processes as a result of using counterfeit products purchased from unauthorized distributors who intentionally promoted the counterfeits as legitimate Murata products.
In view of this, we are now enhancing our policing of counterfeits of Murata products. Accordingly, we have investigated the state of counterfeit distribution as well as illegal counterfeiters and distributors in China, sent warning letters to known offenders, and filed petitions to the Chinese authorities to accuse them. We will keep taking these tough actions and beyond, including further legal actions if necessary, against such illegal counterfeiters and distributors.

Products purchased through unauthorized channels are not covered by the warranty, and also there is a risk of damaging your products and your brand.
Therefore, we request that our customers make certain to purchase Murata products only through Murata Manufacturing sales offices, sales representatives, or our authorized distributors, to prevent the use of mistakenly purchased counterfeit products.
If you need help in evaluating suspect items, please try our online label checking service to verify the inspection/lot number and the part number with our shipping record. This service is free of charge for Murata customers only, who may have purchased suspect items outside of the above-mentioned official distribution channels. To use this special service, you need a login ID and PW. Please contact Murata Manufacturing sales offices or sales subsidiaries.
Label Checking Service

In addition, we would appreciate your understanding and support with regard to the following requests. 
  1. Please purchase our products through our authorized channels as always to avoid any counterfeits.
  2. Please understand that we will not offer any quality assurance for products that have not been purchased through authorized channels.
  3. Please contact our salespersons immediately if any suspicious distributors are selling our products or presenting our letter of authorization.

*Counterfeit products: We have been aware of cases where comparable or substandard non-Murata products are sold as Murata products by using copied packaging, product labels, and Murata logo.