Ceramic Capacitors FAQQCan I use Murata capacitors in a AC circuit?

For Ceramic Capacitors,, when using a DC rated product for AC voltage circuit or ripple current circuit, please make sure the Vp-p value and Vo-p value including DC-bias for the applied voltage remains within the rated voltage.

When applying or removing voltage, abnormal voltages, such as resonance or surge may occur transiently. The rated voltage should not be surpassed when this abnormal voltage occurs.


Also, when using capacitors with high-frequency voltage, pulse voltage, or the like, dielectric loss may cause self-heating. The load should be within a range such that, when measuring at an ambient temperature of 25°C, the product’s self-heating remains below 20°C and the surface temperature of the capacitor in the actual circuit remains below the maximum rated temperature.
Note: The capacitor can be destroyed if the actual temperature rises only a few degrees above the limit, so either check using the simulation tool or contact a Murata representative to confirm suitability.

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