Ceramic Capacitors FAQQWhat is Murata's point of view on the recommended land dimensions?

First, the width "c" dimension affects the strength of the resistance to board bending. When the width dimension is too large, more stress is applied to the capacitor, therefore diminishing the strength of the capacitor by board bending. The fixing force is also affected, as the volume of solder increases. Considering these points, the "c" dimension is set smaller than the width "W" dimension in capacitors of the 2012(in mm)/0805(in inch) size or larger. Please pay sufficient attention to width "c" dimension and the volume of solder.

Regarding the "a" dimension between the electrodes, we recommend that the dimensions between the lands to be larger than the inter-electrode distance "g" dimension of the capacitor. This is due to the following reasons.

(1) Since an excessive volume of solder tends to create mechanical stress, the volume of solder must be controlled.

(2) Even if the chip mounting position shifts and the length between the land and electrodes becomes shorter, the dimensions are set so that the insulation distance can be secured.


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