Ceramic Capacitors FAQQDo you take any precautions for mounting die bond and wire bond of GMA/GMD series?

  1. Die Bonding of Capacitors
    ・Use the following materials for the Brazing alloys :
    Au-Sn (80/20) 300 to 320 °C in N2 atmosphere
    (1) Control the temperature of the substrate so it matches the temperature of the brazing alloy.
    (2) Place the brazing alloy on the substrate and place the capacitor on the alloy. Hold the capacitor and gently apply the load. Be sure to complete the operation within 1 minute.

  2. Wire Bonding
    Gold wire: 25 micro m (0.001 inch) diameter
    (1) Thermo compression, ultrasonic ball bonding.
    (2) Required stage temperature: 150 to 200 °C
    (3) Required wedge or capillary weight: 0.2N to 0.5N
    (4) Bond the capacitor and base substrate or other devices with gold wire.

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Wire bondable vertical electrode MLCC with gold terminations (GMA series)
Wire bondable/AuSn solderable MLCC (GMD Series)

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