Ceramic Capacitors FAQQAre there any precautions for board design when considering a switch to small (0201 inch size, etc.) chip multilayer ceramic capacitors?


Due to the increased risk of cracking caused by board bending, caution is required when switching from a 0603 inch size or larger capacitor to a 0402 inch size or 0201 inch size and changing only the land size.

An explanation of the mechanism behind the risk increase and the measures to take for safe use are summarized in the following document.

Please refer to this document to safely use chip multilayer ceramic capacitors. 

Important Points Associated with the Miniaturization of Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors — Board Design Recommendations —
(Created on Sept. 28, 2018)
Please download the document from this page to check the latest information.

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[ Index ] 
  1. Introduction
  2. Comparison the deflection of the MLCC
  3. FEM simulation
  4. Countermeasure of wiring width
  5. Countermeasure of wiring draws direction
  6. Summary of FEM analysis
  7. Comparison the deflection of the 0603mm (0201 inch) MLCC related to copper foil

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How do the stresses on the MLCC change according to the wiring width of the printed circuit board? What effects do board bending and strain speed have on the cracking?
Download a free document which describes experiments and simulations performed by Murata on ways to reduce MLCC cracking through the component layout and manufacturing process design interspersed with explanations of their effectiveness. myMurata -Capacitor site “Application Manual- Printed Circuit Bending Resistance”

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