Ceramic Capacitors FAQQDo you take any precautions when shipping chip multilayer ceramic capacitors?

  1. The capacitors shall be protected against excessive temperature, humidity and mechanical force during transportation.
    ・Mechanical condition
    Transportation shall be done in such a way that the boxes are not deformed and forces are not directly passed on to the inner packaging.

  2. Do not apply excessive vibration, shock, and pressure to the capacitor.
    (1) When excessive mechanical shock or pressure is applied to a capacitor, chipping or cracking may occur in the ceramic body of the capacitor.
    (2) When the sharp edge of an air driver, a soldering iron, tweezers, a chassis, etc. impacts strongly on the surface of the capacitor, the capacitor may crack and short-circuit.

  3. Do not use a capacitor to which excessive shock was applied by dropping, etc.
    A capacitor dropped accidentally during processing may be damaged.

Please check below for another Caution and Notice.

Caution/Notice MLCC for automotive (PDF)

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