LoRa FAQQWhere can I find all the information about the LoRa Alliance?


You will be able to find all the information about the LoRa Alliance here:

  • What is the LoRa Alliance? 
  • What is the goal? 
  • Is there really a need for LPWAN?
  • What are the target applications? 
  • Why is LoRaWAN™ becoming the 'goto' LPWA standard? 
  • Will LoRa be replaced by other LTEM variants in 3GPP? 
  • What is the rollout plan for network deployments?
  • What is the pricing for location and geolocation services?
  • Is LoRaWAN targeting license bands?
  • Is the alliance really a true open standard (if Semtech is the only supplier of the RF chips) ?

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