LoRa FAQQWhat is the meaning of “Open MCU design”? Does LoRa module not include the LoRa Stack in the MCU? ST MCU needs to be programmed or the module comes ready to work?


"Open MCU design" means Murata is supplying essentially blank Module to customers (small F/W for factory testing is included only). 

Customer adds the LoRa Stack and Application into the Module, as well as the device Unique Identifier (like MAC address).  

The main benefit for this approach is that it will be possible to use the Murata Lora Module (with associated peripheral components) as a stand alone End Node. There is no need for additional MCU to host the Application, allowing for a smaller, lower power consumption solution.

STMicro has developed a Discovery Board using the Murata LoRa Module - Discovery Board

Development for the application is supported by STMicro's I-CUBE software expansion tool (includes LoRa Stack) - I-CUBE-LRWAN

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