Piezoelectric Buzzers FAQQWhat are the points to be noted when analyzing a breakdown? (What are the precautions for removing the product from the board?)

Please avoid removing the product (Piezoelectric Sounders or Piezoelectric Buzzers) and instead allow us to analyze the component while still mounted on the board.
In the event that it is necessary for you to remove the product from the board at your workplace, be attentive to the following points.

Inside the product there is a vibration plate which uses a piezoelectric ceramic element. When an excessively large thermal stress is applied to a piezoelectric ceramic element, a dipole is generated, causing the piezoelectric characteristics to degrade or disappear.

In this case, either the sound pressure generated by the product will fall or the product will fail to generate any sound at all.
In addition to the generation of a dipole, the plastic case or terminals of each product may become deformed due to excessively large thermal stress, resulting in the risk of a malfunction.

Consequently, if an excessively large thermal stress is applied when the product is being removed from the board, there is potential for degradation of the product. This deterioration could prevent us from determining the original cause of the malfunction that is seen at your workplace.

When removing a product from the board, be careful of the following points.
  • Ensure that the spot heater or the tip of the soldering iron does not touch the product.
  • Be aware of the temperature from the hot air emitted by the spot heater or the temperature from the tip of the soldering iron, and also the work time.

Note : The recommended soldering conditions (when using a soldering iron) for installing the product on the board are as follows. Ensure that the actual conditions are not surpassed.

  • Soldering iron temperature : 350±5°C
  • Soldering time : 3.0±0.5 sec.
※ Pin type: Ensure that the soldering iron does not touch the electrode with the exception that the portion of the pin touched is at a length of 1.5 mm from the exit of the electrode at the rear cover.
※ SMD: Ensure that the tip of the soldering iron does not directly touch the electrode.

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