Piezoelectric Diaphragms FAQQAre there any points to be aware of handling diaphragm with lead wires?


1. Repetition of bending lead wire at soldering point have a possibility to cause braking of wire. Please handle the product without bending lead wire. 

diaphragm with lead wires

2. If you pull the lead wire strongly, there is a possibility to cause a exfoliation of the soldering point and a snapping of the lead wire. Please don't pull the lead wire strongly.

diaphragm with lead wires

3.If you push the soldering point strongly after mount the diaphragm with lead wires on the case, there is a possibility to cause a crack in the piezoelectric ceramic. Please don't push the soldering point strongly, because it causes no sound or small sound.

diaphragm with lead wires

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