NTC Thermistors FAQQ[NXR Series] Are there any precautions to take when soldering to the leads of this NTC Thermistor?

This NTC Thermistor element and leads are soldered together. Because of this, solder the leads at a point 5mm or more away from the lead's root so that the joints between the element and lead are not affected. In addition, make sure that the soldering iron does not come into contact with the thermistor body.

Please be careful about the following points on implementing our product.
1.Please perform soldering on a condition not melt  the solder in resin head. (260 degrees Celsius, less than 10 seconds and more than 8mm in full length of the product)
When I am the worst, heat reaches the element part from a lead terminal part, and a solder of our product 
element  region melts it, and there are fear of break of wire,or short circuit.
2.Do not touch the resin head directly by solder iron. It may cause the melt of solder in resin head. 
3.Please do a quality rating enough by a real machine when bonding, the resin molding, and the resin courting, etc.
are processed to this product. and, please use it after confirming it is unquestionable. 
Especially, please do not process it under the high temperature and the high pressure.
The stress occurs because of the amount, the resin thickness, bias, and the temperature change of the fabricating materials (bonding material, molding resin, and courting material etc.)
And, there is a possibility to generate the crack and the characteristic degradation by the stress.

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