Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK) FAQQWhich type of capacitor should be used as a loading capacitor in an oscillation circuit?

A ceramic capacitor with excellent frequency characteristics is most suitable as a loading capacitor in an oscillation circuit, because normally the load capacitance of approx. 3pF to 2200pF is required for an oscillation circuit.

Since the oscillation frequency of the CERALOCK varies depending on the value of the load capacitance, we recommend you select higher-precision type, temperature drift-compensating type (with high Q), and temperature coefficient "0" type (tolerance "J," temperature characteristics "CH"). Generally, you will have no problem using a capacitor providing total tolerance of +/-20% (including the initial capacitance tolerance and fluctuations due to temperature change from -20°C to 80°C). However, you must remember that abnormal oscillation or oscillation stop may occur depending on the IC being used, although this is a rare case.

Judging from Murata's evaluation results, if stable oscillation is provided after the load capacitance is increased/reduced by two steps from the recommended constant under the E6 system, it raises no problem.

Furthermore, you must confirm that the set can operate normally while the load capacitance changes, because the oscillation frequency varies with the change in load capacitance.

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