Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK) FAQQAre there any points to be awere of when we take CERALOCK off PCB for failuer analsys of CERALOCK?

When a large heat stress is added to CERALOCK, it may cause "depolalization" and electric function becomes poor or disappear.
So when the large heat stress is added to CERALOCK by accident when you want to take it off from PCB, depolalization may occur and lead to the defect.

Therefore, when you take CERALOCK off from PCB, consider the following issues.
  • Please keep the tip of soldering iron / spot heater away from CERALOCK.
  • Please pay enough attention to ;

Hot air temperature of spot heater

Tip temperature of soldering iron

Pre-heating temperature and time

The recommendable soldering condition (by soldering iron) for CSTCR / CSTNR and CSTNE type is as follows.

Soldering iron: +350±5゚C, 5.0±0.5 sec.

take off

If you would like us to analyze CERALOCK which had mounted on PCB, please send the whole PCB or cut out a part of PCB without taking CERALOCK off from PCB.

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