Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK) FAQQCan a lead type CERALOCK be exposed to a liquid?

Do not expose the product body to liquid including water when used.
This product does not consist of a shielded structure. If the product is exposed to a liquid, there is a risk of the liquid penetrating inside the product due to respiration by changes in the external temperature. If ingredients, such as chlorine (Cl) and sulfur (S) are included in the penetrated liquid it will cause corrosion of the electrodes.
Before using this product, confirm the operating environment (possible risks of liquid adhesion) in the market, and use the product in conditions where liquid adhesion will not occur.

Mechanism of liquid penetrating into the product
Mechanism of liquid penetrating(heat)
Mechanism of liquid penetrating(cool)
When the product is heated, the atmospheric pressure of the void in the product increases, which generates a reaction to release the pressure to the outside of the product.
When the product is cooled, the void in the product reaches a low pressure state, which generates a reaction to absorb the pressure into the product.

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