Murata FORTELION™ cell leveraged in Yotta Energy’s PV-Coupled™ energy storage solution

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Norio Nakajima

Smyrna, GA, July 28, 2020 – Today Murata Electronics announced its collaboration with Yotta Energy to enable the development of a modular, solar energy storage solution that utilizes Murata’s FORTELION™ battery cells. The Murata Electronics and Yotta Energy collaboration brings Yotta’s vision of panel-level energy storage one step closer to commercialization. Yotta’s PV-Coupled™ technology includes the SolarLEAF™, a panel-level solar storage solution that is safe, cost-effective, and easy to integrate into solar PV systems. Yotta's solution addresses the main barriers that have prevented mass adoption of solar plus energy storage projects – scalability and repeatability. It also significantly reduces the costs of solar plus storage installations.

Murata’s FORTELION™ battery cells are integrated within the SolarLEAF™ to deliver the safest, most reliable Lithium Ion solution on the market. This collaboration is a natural fit because Yotta’s PV-Coupled™ technology not only enhances FORTELION™’s features, but significantly reduces the thermal runaway risk. The companies have teamed up to develop SolarLEAF™ units that have been deployed in technology demonstrations across the United States and in Australia.

“Murata’s long-standing commitment to innovation extends to supporting the promising start-ups who are developing ground-breaking technologies. We are very pleased to deepen our relationship with Yotta and excited about having a hand in accelerating SolarLEAF’s mass market adoption,” said John Roberts, Business Development Manager, Murata Americas.

“We are proud to be working with Murata Electronics,” said Yotta Energy CEO, Omeed Badkoobeh. “Our patented thermal technology ensures that Murata’s FORTELION cells stay within an optimal working temperature even under extreme weather conditions. Additionally, Murata’s FORTELION cells showed no signs of flaming when tested to UL 9540A, which is a key differentiator for our PV-Coupled™ technology,” said Badkoobeh.

Murata's FORTELION™ battery cells combined with Yotta's advanced thermal management enhance the overall lifecycle and performance of energy storage systems, especially when compared to traditional centralized solutions. The collaboration between Murata and Yotta Energy also addresses the growing demand for solar plus storage solutions that provide new business models, additional revenue streams, and clean energy for building owners.

More information on the FORTELION™ technology can be found here. For additional information about Yotta's PV-Coupled™ solution or technology pilot demonstrations, please visit here.

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