Comprehensive Murata Modules realize universal accurate position detection in IoT devices based on NXP Trimension

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Murata has launched a set of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) modules that support the growing ecosystem of spatial context awareness in a broad range of end devices. Based on NXP UWB and BLE MCU technology. The solution combines embedded system design with NXP’s most complete UWB chipsets. The modules include the Type 2BP, the world’s smallest UWB module featuring NXP’s TrimensionTM SR150 UWB solution, and the Type 2DK, NXP’S QN9090 BLE controller with Trimension SR040 UWB.

Type 2BP is suited for the UWB enablement of larger infrastructures, such as access control, indoor positioning anchors and payment terminals, as well as for consumer products like televisions and gaming consoles. This technology enables enhanced & secure ranging and 3D AoA (Angle of Arrival) with various antenna configurations. Integrated PHY & MAC are designed to meet FiRa™ Specifications and ensure interoperability with a growing set of UWB devices.

Type 2DK is an all-in-one solution developed for low power battery powered applications. Leveraging the Trimension SR040 power management and QN9090 low power features, it can run on a single coin-cell battery. Combining UWB and Bluetooth® LE makes it ideally suited for UWB tags and Tracker devices. All PHY/MAC operation is handled within the UWB IC in accordance with FiRa Consortium specifications to shorten time to market.

The NXP QN9090 addresses the Bluetooth® LE functionality. The wireless system on chip combines common microcontroller features, peripherals and Bluetooth® 5.0 certified software stacks. For battery operation, the QN9090 low power mode and RF transmit and receive are extremely efficient and can be leveraged to extend battery lifetime. With the integrated 640KB of Flash and 152KB of SRAM, the QN9090 has sufficient resources to host UWB capabilities, which helps OEMs to develop applications.

“NXP’s UWB solutions stand out for their ability to perform localization autonomously with all the necessary firmware running on chip,” said Dimitri Warnez, Senior Director for UWB Mobile & IoT at NXP Semiconductors. “By working with Murata, we can leverage their module manufacturing expertise and proprietary tools to help developers unleash the full potential of UWB for the IoT.”

“Murata is very pleased to work with NXP to develop UWB modules. These solutions are highly integrated, reliable and offer unmatched design flexibility and integration,” said Toshifumi Oida, Director of Communication module division of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “We plan to continue working with NXP and are excited to develop new products that meet future market demand.”


  • Type 2BP : World smallest module (6.6×5.8×1.2mm) with integrated NXP UWB IC SR150 and peripheral components (RF Switch, Clock, Filters)
  • Type 2DK : All in one package (excluding battery) module for UWB+BLE Tag/Tracker function, NXP UWB SR040, NXP BLE IC QN9090, filters, and integrated onboard antenna
  • Development Support
    • EVK for software development both for 2BP and 2DX are available
    • Reference antenna design for 2BP is available
Type 2BP Module
Type 2BP Evaluation Kit
Type 2DK Module
Type 2DK Evaluation Kit

Spec (Type 2BP)

UWB band Band 5/6/8/9
Host Interface SPI
Operating Temperature −30~85°C
Operating Voltage 1.71~1.98V (typ. 1.8V)
Size (L×W×D) 6.6×5.8×1.2mm

Spec (Type 2DK)

MCU+Bluetooth® LE IC QN9090 (NXP)
UWB band Band 5/6/8/9
Operating Temperature −30~85°C
Operating Voltage 1.9~3.6V
Size (L×W×D) 19.6×18.2×2.3mm

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