Murata introduces a high-Q 0201-size inductor with ±0.05 nH, the industry’s first.

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Murata introduces a high-Q 0201-size(0.6 mm × 0.3 mm) chip inductor with ±0.05 nH, the industry’s first.


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has expanded the LQP03HQ_02 series of compact 0201-size (0.6 mm × 0.3 mm) high-frequency chip inductors with the addition of seven new items offering low inductance (0.6 nH to 1.2 nH). The seven new items are the first in the industry to achieve ultra-tight tolerance (±0.05 nH) at 0201-size (0.6 mm× 0.3 mm), making it possible to build more optimal matching circuits.



As mobile phones gain more advanced functionality, their matching circuits require components that are compact and have high Q values. Also, circuit design is becoming more difficult as circuit density increases and multi-band capabilities are required. This creates even stronger demand for inductors with tighter tolerance characteristics for use in matching circuits.
With this in mind, Murata has extended the LQP03HQ series lineup with new 0201-size (0.6 mm× 0.3 mm)items having the industry’s highest Q values. At the same time, these new items are the first in the industry to provide standard support for ultra-tight tolerance (±0.05 nH).


High-frequency modules for mobile phones (PA, ANT, SAW, GPS, etc.)
Smartphones and mobile phones (WCDMA, GSM, LTE, etc.)
Wireless modules such as W-LAN and Bluetooth®
High-frequency circuits in general

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