New inductance variation for smallest wound inductor LQW03AW_00 series

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New inductance variation for smallest wound inductor LQW03AW series


High-frequency inductors are used in all kinds of electronic devices that perform wireless communication. Given the demand for miniaturization and greater performance, there is a need in matching circuit design for high Q characteristics.
Moreover, minute steps in constants are needed due to the necessity for fine-tuning of the L value to create the optimal design.
We have expanded inductance values in the LQW03AW_00 series from eight items to an impressive 30 items. We added narrower steps and increased the scope of inductance from 1.0 nH to 15.5 nH. This significant expansion of items and greater scope of inductance values will enable the configuration of even more optimal matching circuits and contribute to improved performance of electronic devices.


Highest Q value of winding-type inductors in the industry’s smallest class


Smartphones, small mobile devices, etc.

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LQW03AW_00 Series
See here for the series lineup.
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