Highest L value added to 0804mm inductors LQW04AN_10 series

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Highest L value added to 0804mm inductors LQW04AN_10 series


Murata has now released the LQW04AN_10 series of high-frequency winding-type inductors in the 0804 mm size. The scope of inductance values is 36 to 56 nH, providing a lineup of higher inductance values than the existing LQW04AN_00 series (1.1 to 33 nH). With the 0804 mm winding inductance value, we have achieved the industry’s largest inductance value of 56 nH.
Going forward, we will enhance our lineup in this series with inductors having higher Q characteristics than our conventional products in the field of inductance up to 36 nH.


The industry’s largest inductance value (56 nH) in the 0804 mm size

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LQW04AN_10 Series
See here for the series lineup.
See here for the spec sheet (including precautions, mounting information and packaging).


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