Expansion of the Inductor Lineup for Power Supply Lines that are Compliant with the PoC High-speed Automotive Interface

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. expanded the lineup in the LQW32FT Series of inductors which are ideal for automotive PoC*1 circuits.
These products are characterized by a wideband, high impedance. The 1210 inch size (3.2 x 2.5 mm) with an inductance of 47 μH/500 mA, 22 μH/550 mA, and 10 μH/500 mA (at an ambient temperature of 85°C) was already released, but the 4.7 μH/850 mA, 3.3 μH/950 mA, 2.7 μH/975 mA, 2.2 μH/1000 mA versions are being added to handle the higher signal speeds and larger currents of the PoC automotive interface. Mass production started in January 2019, and samples are now available.


The application of PoC in SerDes*2 devices to reduce weight by transmitting video data from automotive cameras and power on the same coaxial cable is growing in automotive applications.
Until now, it was necessary to use multiple inductors with large and small inductances for the purpose of maintaining a wideband, to have high impedance to handle wideband signals in the circuit processing unit, and to separate the signals and the power supply in PoC. However, the LQW32FT Series is able to reduce the number of inductors used from the previous requirement of multiple inductors to contribute to the miniaturization and space reduction of the overall system, as well as lower DC resistance.

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Explanation of terms

  PoC(Power Over Coax):Method which combines the signal line and power supply line into one coaxial cable
  SerDes(SERializer/DESerializer):Serial signal / parallel signal conversion

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