PMBus Interface Parallel Operation POL DC-DC Converter for FPGA

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has added a product with PMBus*1 interface parallel operation to the small-size, high-power density, and high-reliability "MonoBK™ (Monoblock)" series of POL*2 DC-DC converters. At this time, the company will be introducing the parallel operation product (2 parallel, 40 Amax): MYMGM1R824ELA5RP. Production began in March 2021, and samples are now available.

  • *1PMBus: Power Management Bus. A communication standard for configuring, controlling, and monitoring power converters.
  • *2POL: Point of Load. A DC-DC converter placed near an LSI such as an FPGA or ASIC as a dedicated power supply circuit.

The MYMGM series is equipped with the industry standard PMBus interface that enables it to configure, control, and monitor power supply. It also has the same footprint as the 24A product: MYMGM1R824ELA5RA and 16A product: MYMGM1R816ELA5RA currently in production, which enables it to select parallel use of the MYMGM1R824ELA5RP when the current consumption of the FPGA*3, ASIC, or other LSI is more than 24A to 40A or less, use of a single 24A product: MYMGM1R824ELA5RA when 24A or less, or use of a single 16A product: MYMGM1R816ELA5RA when 16A or less. This makes it possible to use a common motherboard with a different power supply module based on the final current consumption, which realizes optimal power supply design and enhances design efficiency.

  • *3FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array. An LSI with circuits that can also be rewritten later on.

Key features

  • Parallel arrangement supports a maximum load of 40A (2 parallel)
  • PMBus interface enables power supply configuration, control, and monitoring
  • Mounting area reduction in products including product and external capacitor components
  • High-speed load response with voltage accuracy suitable for FPGAs and fewer external capacitors


Product size SMD-type 10.5 mm × 9.0 mm × 5.0 mm (length × width × height)
Operating temperature range −40°C to +105°C

Product page

For product details and characteristics, please visit: MYMGM series.


Request samples on the website or through your Murata sales representative.

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