Murata Extends Lineup of 0603M Size PTC Thermistors for Overcurrent Protection

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is extending its lineup of PTC thermistors*1 (commonly known as resettable fuses*2) for overcurrent protection in smartphones and compact wearable devices with the addition of the 0603M size (0.6 × 0.3 × 0.3 mm) high-voltage-tolerant PRG03BC181RB7RL and low-resistance PRG03BC101RB7RL. These products have already entered mass production.

As smartphones and other mobile devices acquire advanced functionality such as 5G and rapid charging while also becoming more compact, demand is increasing for compact circuit protection components to maintain the stability of electronic circuits. The characteristic feature of PTC thermistors is that they abruptly increase their resistance value when the temperature rises beyond a certain point. This enables them to detect circuit overcurrent conditions that can occur when a mobile device is being assembled or if it is dropped, thereby protecting the mobile device from abnormal conditions or failures.

The new PTC thermistor products utilize process technology developed by Murata for its mainstay products such as multilayer ceramic capacitors and multilayer devices. This has enabled Murata to boost voltage tolerance to 20 V, approximately 50% higher than earlier products of the same size (which have a resistance value of 180 Ω and maximum voltage of 13 V). Murata has also added a new 100 Ω low-resistance product to the series lineup. It makes use of ceramic materials exclusive to Murata, allowing it to maintain stable characteristics over an extended period of time.

Moving forward, Murata will continue to extend its product lineup in response to market requirements, thereby helping to enhance the safety of mobile devices.

  • *1
    PTC thermistor: A positive temperature coefficient thermistor. The resistance increases significantly when the temperature rises beyond a certain point. It is used to detect overcurrent in electronic circuits and to protect circuits from overcurrent. Please visit here for more details about PTC thermistors.
  • *2Resettable fuse: A device that protects circuits when overcurrent occurs due to connection errors or short circuits. It is reusable, as it automatically returns to its initial state when the overcurrent condition is removed.

Product features

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Product name PRG03BC181RB7RL PRG03BC101RB7RL
Size (L × W × T) 0.6×0.3×0.3mm 0.6×0.3×0.3mm
Voltage tolerance 20V 15V
Resistance value 180Ω 100Ω

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