Murata introduces world’s smallest crystal unit of 1.2×1.0mm -No decline in the electrical properties typically seen in miniaturized components-

  • Timing Devices (Ceramic Resonator / Crystal Unit / Oscillator)


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:
Tsuneo Murata

We has introduced a new line, low-profile XRCTD series. (Size : 1.2×1.0×0.30mm) The characteristics of both series are the same and recommendable Part Number is XRCTD.
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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced a high precision crystal unit (XRCED Series) with the world's smallest size.


Following production of the XRCGB Series crystal resonator in 2009, Murata launched the XRCMD Series 1.6×1.2mm in 2014 with frequency precision of +/-20ppm for use in small wireless devices (Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®). With the increasing use of equipment using wireless communications such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the need for decreased size has grown, for smartphones, wearables, and hearing aids. Murata unique technology assures excellent resonance resistance and dielectric strength, and by further decreasing the size to 1.2×1.0mm (XRCED Series), the product contributes to size reduction for mobile equipment and modules that use wireless technology such as Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®.


With crystal units, resonance resistance (hereafter, ESR) worsens when the vibrating area of a crystal is restricted by miniaturization. Murata has obtained favorable ESR by using special packaging technology and high precision assembly. Normally the package is made low-profile to reduce the size of the crystal unit, but that leads to deformation of the package and seal breakage. For this reason, Murata uses a structure that distributes stress at time of molding and assures dielectric strength.

  • Conforms to RoHS regulations, is lead-free (phase 3)
  • Allows lead-free solder mounting


  • Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® equipped devices
  • Hearing aids

Part Number

XRCED37M400FXQ52R0 (37.4MHz)
For details see the product page for crystal units.
*Ask us about frequencies not show in the material above.

Electrical Performance

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Series Type Part
Freq. Tolerance
(-30 to 85℃)
[ohm max.]
[ pF ]
Drive Level
[μW max.]
XRCED MCR1210 XRCED37M400FXQ52R0 37.4000 +/-20 60
or specify

External Dimensions

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