Crystal FiltersInformation on Customization According to Characteristics of Crystal Filters

Murata also supports customization according to the requirement characteristics for Crystal Filters(MCF). If you complete the request specification inquiry form and send it to us, we will provide you with a product that is identical or as close as possible to your request.

We provide a matching service as well as sample products, so please feel free to contact us.

Application Range of Customized Specifications

Application Range

  • Frequency : 20 to 150 MHz (7.0 mm x 5.0 mm size)
    : 45 to 150 MHz (3.8 mm x 3.8 mm size)
  • Standard temperature range: -20 to +70℃
  • As a reference, if you let us know the priority of the characterized items in addition to the requirements themselves, we can propose products even closer to your requirements.


Please contact us via the Contact Form below or the nearest sales office Open in New Window for details.

Contact Form

Please use the form when you make any inquiries about customized specifications for Crystal Filters (MCF).

Input item
1. Size :3.8x3.8mm or 7.0x5.0mm
2. Center frequency :? MHz
3. Pass bandwidth :? kHz Min., @3dB or @1dB
4. Stop bandwidth :? kHz Max., @ ? dB
5. Attenuation / Pole number :? dB Min., @ ? kHz / ? Pole

Technical Reference