Murata introduces 2014/2020-size 4A max. common mode choke coils for automotive power supplies




Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., will be commercially producing the DLW5ATH/DLW5BTH series of common mode choke coils, which are ideal for the suppression of power line noise on powertrain and safety system electronic control units (ECU*1). Mass production of this product is scheduled to begin in June 2017.


Supplementary notes

In the automotive market, the shift toward automatic driving is gaining speed, and on-board cameras, radars and other sensors are increasingly being equipped on vehicles as standard items for peripheral detection. The number of ECUs for processing the enormous amount of information that is generated is on the increase, and this has resulted in an increased demand for noise suppression products for highly reliable power lines compatible with powertrain and safety systems.

This is why Murata Manufacturing will be commercially producing the 2014 inch (5.0 x 3.6 mm) and 2020 inch (5.0 x 5.0 mm) size DLW5ATH/DLW5BTH series of common mode choke coils for power lines. This series is based on the DLW5ATZ/DLW5BTZ series, which already has a proven track record on the market in the area of infotainment, and satisfies the requirements for high reliability in powertrain and safety system ECUs.


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*1 ECU: Electronic Control Unit

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