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  • Date of Discontinuation : 1/31/2017

Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

Appearance | PVG3G102C01R00
Dimensions | PVG3G102C01R00

Murata Icon X Specifications

Power Rating0.25W
Maximum Working Voltage200Vdc
Adjustment DirectionTop
Auto AdjustmentYes
Number of Turns (Effective Rotation Angle)1(210°±10°)
Mechanical Rotation Angle250+/-10 deg.
Total Resistance Value1kΩ
Total Resistance Value Tolerance±20%
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance±150ppm/℃
Resistance TaperB(Linear)
Contact Resistance Variation2% of total resistance value or 3ohm max., whichever is greater
Residual Resistance1% of total resistance value or 3ohm max., whichever is greater
Soldering MethodReflow
Soldering Iron
Torque4.9mN・m max.
Measure Condition of RatedPower70℃
Operating Temperature Range-55℃ to 125℃

Murata Icon X Features

1. Sealed construction protects the interior from dust
    and liquid, which achieves stable performance.
2. Driver plate with cross-slot is suitable for
    automatic adjustment.
3. Rotor with large diameter and deep groove improves
    driver insertion.
4. 3mm and 4mm land pattern can be used without change.
    (Gull-wing is suitable for 4mm size land pattern.)

Murata Icon X Packaging Information

Packaging Specifications Minimum Order Quantity


180mm Embossed Tape


Murata Icon X Product Data