Ceramic Capacitors FAQQDo Murara's ceramic capacitors comply with the EU RoHS Directive and REACH regulations? If they comply, please provide certification.


<Approach for EU RoHS>

The ceramic capacitors (MLCC and lead type) currently supplied by Murata comply with the EU RoHS Directive which regulates the content of specific materials in electrical and electronic equipment.Click here for How to Check EU RoHS Compliance of Murata Products for the confirmation method. The confirmation method with actual products is also described.


<Approach for EU REACH>

The ceramic capacitors currently supplied by Murata comply with the obligations of registration, evaluation, authorization and restrictions based on the REACH Regulations. Also, our products comply with the information communication and notification regarding the content of substances of very high concern (SVHC). Click here for Murata and REACH Regulation(EU) for the content information of substances of very high concern (SVHC) in products.


<Document Download>

The “RoHS Certificate” and “REACH SVHC Report” for ceramic capacitors can be downloaded from Murata's Website.

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An analysis report on EU RoHS Directive-restricted substances of the GRM Series by a third-party organization can also be downloaded from “Technical Information: SGS Report (GRM Series)” on the my Murata Ceramic Capacitor Site for members.
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