Ceramic Capacitors FAQQDo you take any precautions for flow soldering? Target series: GRM (Rated voltage 100Vmax.), LLL, GQM

  1. When sudden heat is applied to the components, the mechanical strength of the components will decrease because a sudden temperature change causes deformation inside the components. In order to prevent mechanical damage in the components, preheating should be required for both of the components and the PCB board.
    Preheating conditions are shown in table. It is required to keep the temperature differential between the solder and the component's surface (ΔT) as small as possible.

  2. Excessively long soldering time or high soldering temperature can result in leaching of the outer electrodes, causing poor adhesion or a reduction in capacitance value due to loss of contact between electrodes and end termination.

  3. When components are immersed in solvent after mounting, be sure to maintain the temperature difference (ΔT) between the component and solvent within the range shown in the table.
  4. Set temperature and time to ensure that leaching of the outer electrode does not exceed 25% of the chip end area as a single chip (full length of the edge A-B-C-D shown at right) and 25% of the length A-B shown as mounted on substrate.
  5. The top of the solder fillet should be lower than the thickness of components. If the solder amount is excessive, the risk of cracking is higher during board bending or any other stressful condition.
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