Ceramic Capacitors FAQQPlease explain the MSL test conditions, including the reflow profile, described in J-STD-020.


Our SMD multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) were evaluated in accordance with J-STD-020 and judged as MSL(Moisture Sensitive Level)1.

There were no surface defects and electrical failures after 85℃/85%RH/168hrs moisture soak and 3-cycles reflow test described in J-STD-020. 
The reflow profile called out in J-STD-020 is specified for the MSL test only. 

When our MLCCs are mounted on your PCBs by a reflow process, please take into consideration all factors that may affect the soldering process including, but not limited to, the reflow profile, all solders, PCBs, other SMD products mounted on the PCB, prior to selecting a suitable reflow profile.

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