NTC Thermistors FAQQ[NXF Series] Are there any precautions to take when soldering to the leads of this NTC Thermistor?

This NTC Thermistor element and leads are soldered together. Please solder NTC Thermistor with great caution on the following points.
1. Please solder with a temperature condition that do not melt the solder in resin head. This is for avoiding the product breaking, for example "element break",  "short circuit", or "open circuit".
2. Please keep a soldering tip away from resin head part, in fear of melting of solder in resin head part.
3. Please do not split the lead wire exceeding a Range in the following figure.
4. Please do a quality rating enough by a real machine when you process our product. (For example bonding, the resin molding, and the resin coating, etc) And, please use it after confirming it is unquestionable. Because our product is using a ceramic element, there is a possibility to generate the crack or characteristic degradation by the stress that is caused by overpressure or high temperature. And, because our product is using solder that has a melting point about 220 degree for a connection lead wire to ceramic element, excessive heat that is imparted to the product has a possibility to cause loose contact by solder remelting.
5. When you fold lead wire of this product, please maintain over a radius of 1mm.

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