LPWA ProductsFeatures of Murata's LPWA

Based on our proven track record in wireless communication modules gained in the communications equipment field, Murata is capable of providing a stable supply of compact, high-quality LPWA modules with various wireless certifications.

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Murata's Strengths in LPWA

[Support for Various LPWA Communication Standards]

We support a wide range of communication standards with different advantages, including LoRa (LoRaWAN), Sigfox, LTE Cat-M1, and NB-IoT, for providing the optimum communication standard and module to match the needs of our customers.

[Expertise Gained from Extensive History of Developing Wireless Communication Technology]

Murata has valuable expertise due to its development and manufacture of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other communication modules. Of these, Murata has a majority of the global market share for communication modules for smartphones.
Our technical expertise enables us to provide a stable supply of compact, high-quality, and ready-to-use LPWA modules that are wireless certified.
We can also provide hardware design support such as consulting for antenna design.

[Offering One-Stop Solutions Through Our Company Partnerships]

The IoT fields where LPWA is used are extremely diverse. By partnering with third-party companies, Murata can provide one-stop solutions that go beyond certification and modules for better meeting the needs of our customers.

Why Choose Murata?

Industry's Smallest Size and Lightweight Design

In the development of IoT devices, there are many situations where compact, lightweight, and well-designed modules such as wearables are required. Murata's LPWA module is the smallest module available in the industry, making it ideal for use in hardware designs.

Strong Partnerships

Our strong partnerships with industry-leading IC manufacturers enable us to provide a stable supply of high-quality modules.

Support for Wireless Standards

Murata's modules are compliant with various wireless standards and regulatory requirements such as FCC, IC, RED, and Japan's Radio Law. This reduces the costs and time required for obtaining wireless certification.

Simplified BOM and Parts Supply

The BOM (Bills of materials) is a parts list that is required at the time of design.
The BOM and parts supply process have been simplified for enabling a smooth start to development.

Shorter Time to Market

In the IoT market, a shorter time to market is extremely important. Murata simplifies RF (high-frequency circuit) design and certification to reduce the required design resources for allowing a simpler product development process and shorter testing period.

Cellular LPWA

As a cellular LPWA, LPWA meets the requirements such as low power consumption, wide-area coverage, and low data rates by using mobile phone base stations installed by mobile phone carriers nationwide.
cellular LPWA is the collective name for the new standards developed by the 3GPP Group. To use cellular LPWA, the communication network of a mobile phone carrier must be used.

Murata's LTE Cat. M1 (LTE-M) Modules

[Support for mobility and larger data transmissions than NB-IoT]
LTE Cat. M1 (LTE-M) features high reliability, low latency, and low power consumption. It can be used in IoT devices that require battery replacement.

Murata's NB-IoT Modules

[Wide coverage and low-volume data communication]
Ultra-compact, low-power, and low-cost NB-IoT modules help to reduce terminal costs. Because NB-IoT has its own narrow bandwidth, it can easily coexist with existing networks and LTE.

Non-cellular LPWA

Non-cellular LPWA is a communication technology that uses the sub-GHz band.
This technology includes LoRaWAN™ and Sigfox, which do not require a license (unlicensed) and are compatible with long-range wireless protocols.
LoRaWAN™ is a standard established by the LoRa Alliance™, and Sigfox is a standard and communication service provided by the French company Sigfox. Murata has developed modules that support each communication technology service.

Murata's LoRa (LoRaWAN) Modules

[Smallest module size in the industry]
This module enables design of the smallest end devices. Also, a single module supports the operation of class A, B, and C devices covering the U.S., Europe, and ASEAN region.

Murata's Sigfox Modules

[“Sigfox Verified” certification]
Sigfox uses a lightweight protocol for low-volume messages, and it features low energy usage and excellent communication stability, interference resistance, and fault tolerance. Usage of the Sigfox Cloud eliminates the need for a SIM, enabling a quick start.