MetroCirc™ (Multilayer Resin Substrate)

MetroCirc™ (Multilayer Resin Substrate)
MetroCircTM refers to a multilayer resin substrate that allows you to freely wire circuit boards in three dimensions and products that use such substrates. Utilizing superior high frequency characteristics and a low-profile form factor that enables circuits to be designed in any shape, Murata hopes that MetroCircTM will contribute to the creation of new markets and lifestyles.

Murata Icon X Origami paper-like substrate: MetroCirc™

MetroCirc™ is an origami paper-like multilayer resin substrate capable of formingpatterns and free via holes.

Murata Icon X What is MetroCirc™ (Multilayer Resin Substrate)?

The name "MetroCircTM" was conceived by comparing the many wires running without collisions within the substrate to a subway (metro), and combining it with the word "circuit." MetroCircTM is composed of two core technologies. These are Murata's core multilayer laminated technologies developed for MLCCs and a unique high-performance resin material.

MetroCircTM core technologies

MetroCirc™ core technologies

MetroCircTM was created through the deep collaboration of these two technologies.

[MetroCircTM multilayer lamination technology]
Prepare the required number of layers of resin and copper foil-bonded sheets and then press them together at one time. The adhesive that has traditionally been used in resin substrates to adhere the sheets is not required in this step. As a result of this process, we are able to resolve many problems that were a challenge with the previous resin substrates.
  [MetroCircTM high-performance resin material]
Compared to the materials used in previous resin substrates (glass epoxy substrates, FR-4 substrates, FPC, etc.), the high-performance resin material possesses a smaller relative dielectric constant (εr), loss tangent (tanδ), and absorption rate.

A comparison of the MetroCirc™ multilayer lamination technology with previous products

As a result of these two technologies, you can manufacture not only a substrate, but also transmission lines and other components for smart phones and tablet devices, as well as composite components that combine antennas and matching circuits with MetroCircTM.

Four MetroCircTM Solutions

Four MetroCirc™ Solutions

  • Component solution
    Single-function components such as transmission lines for transmitting high frequency signals
  • Functional solution
    Functional components that integrate capacitance (C) and inductance (L) using high precision wiring into the component solution to provide transmission lines equipped with matching circuits, etc.
  • Substrate solution
    High-density, low-profile substrates that support various applications
  • System solution
    All-in-one system components that integrate a miniature system block that includes a power supply such as a battery or capacitor

Murata Icon X MetroCirc™ (Multilayer Resin Substrate) Characteristics

MetroCircTM possesses the following four major characteristics.
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MetroCirc™ (Multilayer Resin Substrate) Characteristics
MetroCircTM can be used for various types of substrates, such as a rigid substrate, flexible substrate (FPC), and rigid flexible substrate. In addition, communication and other various electrical functions can be built in or mounted to the substrate to provide composite functions.
In other words, MetroCircTM itself acts as a functional module that contributes to creating value in many fields as a platform technology that can provide various solutions, beginning with smart phones and other mobile devices as well as IoT devices, which are expected to rapidly increase in the future.

Murata Icon X MetroCirc™ Prototype

Murata is welcome to have an orders for MetroCircTM based on customer requests.
Enter the required items in the inquiry form and send it to us so that we may confirm the details and create a prototype product that is close to your request. Please feel free to contact us.

MetroCirc™ Prototype Guide