Basic Knowledge of Proximity & Ambient Light Sensor

Our PS/ALS has 3 function; ①IR-Emitter, ②Proximity Detection, and ③Ambient Light  Detection. We call it 3 in 1 sensor.

①The light from IR-Emitter is irradiated body or object
②Proximity sensor can detect the reflected light from body or object in order to judge far and near distance. 
③ALS can detect wide range of environmental light (light-dark) from darkness to direct light.


Our PS/ALS is composed by light emitting and receiving section in a circuit board.

IR laser light emitter is mounted in the light emitting section and IC with PD for proximity and ambient sensing is mounted in the receiving section
Both are molded by transparent resin.
Compared to individual combined usage, our sensor can reduce the space and handling is easy.