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  • Murata's world's Smallest Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor - 0201 <millimeter size> size (0.25 mm x 0.125 mm)
  • EMICON-FUN! Let's learn electric components with fun. Noise suppression filters / Inductors / Capacitors
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Advantages of Murata Capacitors

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Pioneer of monolithic ceramic capacitor manufacturing, continuing to evolve as the world's No. 1 manufacturer

From the Earth to the Universe! The applications of Murata capacitors are endless. Here we explain the unique benefits of Murata capacitors, our matchless quality, track record in the market, supply systems and development capability.

See the Advantages of Murata Capacitors

Advantages of Murata Capacitors

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Bias characteristics, temperature characteristics, frequency characteristics, etc. can be confirmed with this software.
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The electrical characteristics data and reliability test data of typical items can be viewed in PDF.

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Material required when the customer acknowledges Murata's parts.

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Our product development efforts take the environment into consideration.

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