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Murata Icon X Characteristic of Micro blowers

The micro blower can generate pressure as high as 1,900 Pa.
Watch a movie where water is pumped up to a level about 20 cm higher as air pressure inside the tank increases.

The thin and non-vibrating characteristics of the micro blower enable aeration in any required physical configuration.
Watch a movie where the micro blower is used as an air pump for a small water tank.

The thin configuration and the high pressure capability of the micro blower makes it possible to create a hovering unit that can levitate with a weight of up to several hundred grams.
Watch a movie where the micro blower makes a disc hover.

"Actuating cylinder"
The characteristic high pressure output makes the microblower suitable for use for actuation purposes.
Watch a movie where the microblower is used as the actuation source for an operating cylinder.

"High Speed"
The microblower can transform the piezoelectric vibration into air blow.
The unique characteristic are applied to various products.

Murata Icon X Demonstration

"Aroma Diffuser"
Watch a movie where blowing air in tank of water and aroma.

"Water Jets"
High pressure output of the micro blower can also be used to generate water jets.
Watch a movie where a jet of water shoots up about 20 cm as air pressure on the liquid surface increases.

"Liquid sending"
Watch a movie where sending liquid indirectly by using 2 blowers.

"Piston Action in 4pcs series connection"
Watch a movie where piston action in 4pcs series connection by blower air pressure.

"Raise Ball"
Watch a movie where quick respose performance of blower.

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