Inductors FAQQI'm considering an onboard RF inductor. Could you tell me the compatible part number?

To facilitate use of our RF inductor products for the in-vehicle market, they are categorized to allow you to distinguish the reliability grade using the product number.

  1. Product numbers for “powertrain and safety” products that conform to AEC-Q200 for use in all automotive electrical equipment
  2. Product numbers for “infotainment” products that conform to AEC-Q200 for use in automotive equipment that does not require relatively high reliability, such as car audio and navigation systems
  3. Product numbers for “general” products that do not support AEC-Q200 and are mainly for use in consumer products

1 and 2 are targeted for commercialization for the in-vehicle market. Use the RF inductor selection tool to select the optimal product number.
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For details about selecting an application of our inductors for the in-vehicle market, click here.

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