Commercialization of bidirectional coupler switch device suitable for impedance matching in smartphone wireless circuits

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Murata has recently developed a bidirectional coupler switch device for smartphone devices. This product, which is the smallest of its kind in the world (1.1 x 0.7 mm), realizes superb electrical characteristics based on Murata's high frequency circuit design technology and precision manufacturing technology. It is suitable for applications aimed at antenna impedance matching in smartphones. By combining this device with an external impedance adjustment circuit and a control circuit, it is possible to realize an antenna impedance matching function using a closed loop. Mass production is scheduled to commence during the first half of 2017.


In recent years, smartphone devices are becoming increasingly complicated as a result of LTE Carrier Aggregation, and also MIMO antenna systems are coming into increasing use. High antenna radiation characteristics over a wide frequency band are being demanded, even though there is gradual reduction in the allowable design area for each antenna. Also, the level of technical sophistication demanded for the antenna is increasing. With a view to overcoming these issues, examinations of antenna impedance matching functions are being carried out. One solution is an automatic control type impedance matching function employing a closed loop configuration. An effective method of realizing this is precision impedance detection by means of a bidirectional coupler in combination with an RF switch.

Murata has recently realized the integration of the world’s smallest bidirectional coupler with an RF switch function part, based on our high frequency design technology and high precision manufacturing technology for our unique IPD (Integrated Passive Device). Our new product realizes the excellent electrical characteristics as a function component demanded for it over the entire frequency band between 699 and 2690 MHz which is used by LTE smartphones.


  • Device consisting of the integration of a bidirectional coupler and an RF switch function.
  • Ultra-compact, low-profile package
  • Superb directivity characteristics, coupling characteristics, and insertion loss characteristics


Used for detecting wireless circuit impedance or signal output strength in a smartphone.

Part number


External size

1.1 x 0.7 x 0.55 (max) mm, 6 pin

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