New wire-wound inductors for car cameras and NFC circuits

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New wire-wound inductors for car cameras and NFC circuits


Murata introduces LQW15CN_0Z/1Z series of AEC-Q200-compliant wire-wound inductors, ideal for automotive camera applications and NFC circuits



In anticipation of the self-driving cars of the future, there has been an increase in development of on-board equipment aimed at enhancing vehicle driving and safety systems. This state of affairs has driven demand for smaller, higher-performance high-frequency inductors to be used for RF circuit matching and choke coils in vehicle-mounted equipment. To meet this demand, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development of high-frequency inductors for automotive applications.

Murata's new LQW15CN_0Z/1Z series is a line of AEC-Q200-compliant wire-wound inductors for the automotive market. This inductor takes advantage of physical characteristics that make it possible to obtain large inductance in a small size, and designers can use it to efficiently configure the BiasTee circuits used in vehicle-mounted cameras. (Click here for detailed examples of applications using this product.)

The product can also be used for NFC matching circuits, which benefit from the low loss characteristics that are a feature of winding type inductors. As an automotive version of an inductor with a proven track record in general consumer applications, it can be used with confidence in on-board NFC circuits.



  • Achieves large inductance in a compact 0402 size (1.0x0.5mm) using a ferrite core
  • Achieves large rated current and low DC resistance characteristic of wire-wound inductors


BiasTee circuits for vehicle-mounted cameras 
Automotive NFC circuits


Parts List

LQW15CN_0Z series
Click here for details of the series lineup.

LQW15CN_1Z series
Click here for details of the series lineup.



Mass Production 


 BiasTee circuit: A circuit with a 3-port structure used to separate the DC and AC components from the high-frequency signal, or conversely to supply the DC bias to the AC signal. The word "tee" in the name comes from the T-shape of the circuit design.

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